In today’s world, every entrepreneur aims at expanding his or her start-up at an exponential pace. Before we can figure out what are the factors that influence acceleration from early stage to growth stage we need to understand the different stages of growth. Post tis we would look at the different factors and factors prevalent in the emerging markets….

Why just satisfy your customers when you can delight them? Here are eight ways you can make them smile today.Most companies strive to satisfy their customers. That’s why they run customer satisfaction surveys to see if they are succeeding. But is customer satisfaction a worthy goal? We believe satisfaction is the bare minimum of what a customer should get in their experience. Sure  it’s perfectly fine that the customer wants your product or service and you sell it to her at a fair price and deliver in a timely manner….

If you are spending time marketing your product but not selling as much as you would like, it’s important to evaluate why and make adjustments. Consumers have needs and steps that they go through before deciding to buy. If your marketing is not meeting those requirements, that probably is the reason your product is not selling.In addition to price, consumers are persuaded by the benefits of products and what they can do. For your marketing efforts to be effective, consumers need to be persuaded that they’re useful and provide good value….

Here are six ideas to help you start your viral marketing campaign:

1.Purchase the branding rights to a viral E-book. Allow people to give away your free E-book to their visitors. Then, their visitors will also give it away. This will just continue to spread your ad all over the Internet.

2.If you have the ability to set up a forum or other bulletin board, you really have a great tool. Allow people to use your online discussion board for their own website. Some people don’t have one. Just include your banner ad at the top of the board…

Most customers today prefer to shop online. Online shopping is so accessible and convenient. This is the reason why most business persons put up their own ecommerce websites. Most ecommerce websites are bound to success, but is yours?